Firm Profile

Sage Financial Advice provides investment management services that are designed primarily for individuals. Some examples of the types of investment accounts managed by the firm include brokerage accounts, custodial accounts, trust accounts, and retirement accounts.

Typical candidates for our services include individuals who have:

  • Been managing their own investments but have come to realize that they can benefit from professional help.
  • Received a lump sum:
    • as the result of a retirement distribution from their former employer.
    • as an inheritance as a beneficiary of an estate.
    • from a legal settlement.
  • Become disaffected with their current investment adviser and are seeking new ideas or a fresh approach to their personal financial objectives.

The firm’s investment process is guided by a careful evaluation of the client circumstances, fundamental analysis of investment alternatives, and a disciplined review process that looks at risk exposures on a variety of levels.

More information about the firm can be found in Form ADV Part II. Form ADV is a required filing for investment adviser registration, and a copy of ADV Part II must be provided to all clients entering into an investment advisory agreement.

A condensed version of the firm’s Form ADV Part II is available upon request. To receive a copy, please contact us.

Our solutions are custom designed to meet your unique investment needs.